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We Serve the community at large to achieve social solidarity in a spirit of corporation, to reach harmony and for everyone's happiness.


About SMIC

Alsirat Almustaqeem Islamic Center (SMIC) is a non-profit, charitable organization that has provided settlement and community . We are dedicated to supporting the creation of connected, safe, and strong communities by offering and engaging in activities that recognize and respect the diversity of the neighborhoods it serves.

Our Services and Events


Entertainment Club

We Provide lots of different educational, fun, entertaining, talents, and many other activities for all ages.

Educational Club

We host many different educational social workshops, events, and activities for the rehabilitation of all ages.

Settlement Service

We help those in debt or in need by providing  food, clothing, moral support, concealing, employment, and more.

SMIC Overview

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Nutrition Contest

Dr. Hiba Al-Masri (MSc, RD) Registered Nutrition, agreed to share with us her experience.


We will choose / select 5 participants to win and get treated by our registered dietitian for FREE! 

(3 paid visits, 1 hour each in 3 months period)

**The priority will be to people who have serious medical conditions like diabetes, high or low blood pressure, liver disease, etc. 

This opportunity is worth total of $335, which includes making individual personalized consultations worth $125 for initial assessment + $125 for a personalized diet plan + $85 for each subsequent follow-up + packages which include educational sessions in addition to the previous services and nutrition-awareness sessions that are very beneficial.


Register now and take your chance! 

Registration closes on Monday, March 7, 2021.

Our goal is to support the community in which we provide 5 people a nutrition treated effectively. This will help them to gain great knowledge to maintain a healthy diet. Know how to live a healthy life. Manage their own live in a sufficient routine. 

Your goal is the live a happy life without suffering of any diseases or pain. We will do our best to help you manage your diseases/problems by setting a goal and a path that will eventually reach your goal. 

Our benefit from this contest is to help you overcome your sufferings so that we get God’s blessing and hoping that you would use the information obtained to help other people as you can. 

Youth March break

Boot Camp 

Save your Spot!
COVID-19 Conference
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Our Response to COVID - 19 pandemic, includes many events, and programs to help all ages of the community to cope with COVID-19. 

 It's a great opportunity to help visitors and the community understand the Virus and how to protect themselves, their family, and others from getting sick.

Stress is one of the big risks combines with nowadays virtual work. As a part of our community and with cooperation with other related Governments and other Organizations, we try guidance our community against the Virus and its effects.

Please share with your community!

Other COVID-19 Events/Workshop

 Make your Mask Workshop
ورشة عمل إصنع كمامتك 

Everyone do his own Mask Workshop

For Kids and youth from 6 - 12 years old

Choose the Material, Do the design, steps of make, and share how to make

ورشة عمل اصنع كمامتك بنفسك للأطفال من 6-12 سنة

اختر المادة - التصميم - خطوات العمل - المشاركة بعرض طريقة العمل


Donation To Support Those In Debt / Need (Rent, Food, Clothing, Etc)

Sponser An Event / Program (Kid's, Youth, Or Senior Programs.)


General Donation / Zakat

Where your Contributions go: 
To get a Tax Receipt, please request it by email.                     Email: smic.info1@gmail.com

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