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Fiqh Summer Program

In partnership, SMIC and Ayaat ILM Academy are hosting the Fiqh Summer Camp.

Dr. Amro Shafiek (Academic Researcher in Fiqh & Islamic Public Policy) will be teaching this condensed fiqh course according to the Shafi'e Madhhab, online (Zoom).


Timings:  August 7, 2021 - August 28, 2021
Every Sunday & Saturday  @  6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Costs:  $20 / participant + $10 / siblings


Participants:  Males & Females, ages 16+

Registration: Fill out the registration form

Pay the fees by E-transfer to this email:

This program will cover the following topics:

1- Introduction to Fiqh المدخل الفقهي ومقدمة موجزة عن مبادئ علم الفقه وتاريخ التشريع
2- Fiqh of Purification فقه الطهارة
3- Fiqh of Prayer فقه الصلاة

The program aims to take those who have little or no prior knowledge of fiqh and offer them:

1-Gaining some knowledge about fiqh, legislation, ikhtilaf (difference in opinion), and various schools of fiqh
2-Learning some basics of the Shaf'ie school of fiqh
3-Learning the main topics and sections one may find in any book of fiqh (for any school/madhhab)
4-Understanding the main fiqhi terminology that are widely used in the jurists' works
5-Understanding how to practice purification and prayer according to shari'ah
6-Being familiar with the difference in opinion in some of the masa'il (fiqhi issues)
7-Learning about some of masa'il al-Nawazil (new and contemporary issues in the chapters of purification and prayer)

The teaching style will include the following:

1- Lecture with PowerPoint slides, with the information mainly presented in mind maps and/or by simple points that are easy to memorize/remember.
2- Interactive discussions, Q&A every session, and Kahoot quizzes.
3- A fiqhi Training تدريب فقهي by analyzing some fiqhi issues.

Additional features of this training program:

1- Dr. Amro will start the first session with the hadith of المسلسل بالأولية and I will share a sanad (a chain of narrators until the prophet -pbuh) with all attendees
2- Dr. Amro will also say and share the sanad of the hadith of المسلسل بالسادة الشافعية in one of the middle sessions
3- Dr. Amro may also recite insha'Allah one of the short shafi'e mutun (Classical texts of the madhhab) with those who successfully pass the exam, and share with them its sanad (a chain of narrators to the author of the book).

Lastly, the successful students will be able to enrol and register in the next fiqh program.

Certificates signed by Dr. Amro Shafiek, SMIC organization, and Ayaat ILM Foundation, will be provided

Eid Celebration

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Ramadan Food Basket

Help us support the families in need. 
1 Basket is worth $ 55
Support us by donating 1 or more baskets. 
E-transfer the donation to:
If you are in need or know one that is in need, please click below to register to receive the Ramadan food basket.


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