Make your Mask Workshop
ورشة عمل إصنع كمامتك 

Everyone do his own Mask Workshop

For Kids and youth from 6 - 12 years old

Choose the Material, Do the design, steps of make, and share how to make

ورشة عمل اصنع كمامتك بنفسك للأطفال من 6-12 سنة

اختر المادة - التصميم - خطوات العمل - المشاركة بعرض طريقة العمل


Conference Sessions:

COVID-19 Conference

Youth Boot Camp
Coping With Stress During COVID - 19
Through Many Events & Workshops

This is our Project to Response to COVID - 19. It's a great opportunity to help visitors and the community understand the Virus and how to protect himself, his family, and others from getting sick.

Stress is one of the big risks combines with nowadays virtual work. As a part of our community and with cooperation with other related Governments and other Organizations, we try guidance our community against the Virus and its effects.

Please share with your community. Join our Team to Serve our Community!

Nutrition Contest
Youth Boot Camp

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